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Solar PCU (PWM)

Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) is an intelligent solar inverter with grid connectivity and battery backup. It works with priority to solar / battery / grid power. This PCU will provide full power from solar panels and will charge the batteries simultaneously keeping the grid off. In case of unavailability/ partial availability of solar power it will transfer full/ partial load to the batteries. If the battery voltage goes below a set level, the PCU will automatically transfer the load to the grid/ DG power and charges simultaneously. Once the batteries are charged to the present level, the PCU will switch off the grid/ DG power from the system and restores it to solar panels. The PCU automatically switches to hybrid (current sharing) mode if the power is low compared to the load requirement.

Key Features of Solar PCU Pure Sine Wave Dual source of charging from Solar Power as well as from Grid Power.Power card with inbuilt PWM based Solar Charge Controller of 50A for maximum utilization of solar power.Intelligent selection of ‘Battery Boost Voltage’ to avoid un-necessary heating ..
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