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E-Rickshaw Battery Charger

E-Rickshaw Battery Charger
E-Rickshaw Battery Charger
E-Rickshaw Battery Charger
E-Rickshaw Battery Charger
E-Rickshaw Battery Charger
E-Rickshaw Battery Charger
E-Rickshaw Battery Charger

Micro controller based SMPS Battery Charger for  battery driven rickshaw (E-rickshaw)

New TP micro controller smps battery charger brings extra life to your e-rickshaw batteries. It is a compact, high efficiency charger that enhance battery life and retains its efficiency and prevents battery from early death.It even charges the batteries having nil gravity(below 1100).

Salient features of E-Rickshaw Charger

  • Pre-programmed multi stage charging profile
  • Initial de-sulphation ensures cell balancing & longer battery life
  • Charger prevents over-heating & over-charging of battery
  • Takes care of ill maintained or aging batteries
  • Intial charging current is 12A maximum. Charging current reduces as the battery attains full  charge
  • AC and DC MCBs are used for full safety
  • Protection against reverse polarity connection of battery
  • Forced cooling by Fan keeps the charger healthy
  • In case of increase in temperature we have thermal protection
  • Protection against over load & short circuit
  • Protection against input over voltage & surge
  • Multi stage charging reduces over- heating of charger
  • Optimized design for Cost and Quality- Value for Money
  • Internal designing and layout for easy airflow
  • Proper and suitable heat-sinks are used for better thermal stability
  • Magnetics are vacuum impregnated with class-F varnish
  • A quality product from TPIL, the company is in power products since 1993

Technical specifications

Battery4X12V; 88/100/105Ahr
Input voltage170-270V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz
Input current< 3.5A AC (true RMS)
Charging current3 stage charging with maximum current 12A
Charging voltage62.4V
Charging sequenceInitiation with a small delay & soft start
Pulse charging for de-sulphation
 @12A  CC up to 20% charge
 @10A CC up to 50% charge
 @9A up to 70% charge
Absorption charge at CV mode  
Float charging at low current
Line & load regulation± 1%
Ripple voltage at resistive load< 0.5% peak to peak
MCB at BatteryYes
MCB at MainsYes
EfficiencyBetter than 80%

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  • Model: E-Rickshaw Battery Charger
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