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Sanitizer Dispenser

Working of Sanitizer Dispenser

How To Install the Sanitizer Dispenser



Micro Controller based Design: for reliability and accuracy of dispensing time.

Fully Automatic Operation: no nonsense, hassle free use

Tank Capacity: 10.5 litre, largest among competitors

No Chemical Reaction in Tank: HDPE material used in tank

Spray type dispensing: spreads sanitizer on hands for easy use,  3-5 ml sanitizer dispensing in half a second

Hands Free: No-Touch and Contact less operation. 

Ultrasonic Sensor: for repeated accurate sensing of hands. No misses. No false working.

Air Release Valve: removes air trapped in pump while refilling the tank.

Two LEDs: used for unit power ON and dispensing ON.

Warranty: one year warranty on all parts including pump and tank.

HALF SECOND MACHINE now with SANITIZER DISPENSING QUANTITY ADJUSTERThis Micro Controller based compact, contact less, non-touch, half second dispensing unit sprays alcohol based sanitizer is developed by TP Impex Limited (TPIL). This product works when both hands are placed under the unit..
Ex Tax:Rs.8,500.00
This Automatic Mist based Sanitizer Dispensing Unit sprays alcohol-based sanitizer to kill 99.99% of all the Bacteria and Germs on your Hand to keep you safe from all kind of infection-causing possibilities. So providing Complete peace of mind.This compact, contact less, non-touch dispensing un..
Ex Tax:Rs.7,500.00
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