TP Power Battery, the ultimate Inverter/ UPS battery is here. Created with state of the art technology under the most stringent of quality control, each TP Battery is guaranteed to add that extra power to your Inverter/ UPS. Its maximum warranty ensures that with this, you will never be left high and dry. These batteries are designed in tubular technology, deep cycle design, suitable for longer power cuts.


  • 99.97% -99.99% Pure Lead
  • Full capacity / True Ah output
  • 100% factory charged battery
  • Low self discharge
  • Heavy duty terminals
  • Hi-efficiency grid design made of Selenium/ low Antimony alloy with grain refiners for low water loss, least  corrosion long life

• Rugged anti-corrosive additives - for longer battery life
• Computerized formation - for uniform quality and peak performance
• Container made of PP co-polymer for strength & robustness
• More ribs on container for better strength
• Paper less warranty
• Ceramic water level management system with micro porous vent plugs for least environmental pollution & less topping up.


* Tubular technology * Deep cycle design * Suitable for longer power cuts
* PE separator - low electrical resistance, minimal self discharging & high porosity
* Cell partitions welded with short electrical path for low internal resistance


* Extra thick plates ensures long life

* Suitable for less power cuts

* Bigger container for extra electrolyte​

* AGM (Absorptive Glass Mat) separator has excellent performance of acid resistance, uniform thickness, high porosity, rapid electrolyte absorption, good tensile strength, better compression performance guaranteed a certain amount of pressure between poles, good insulation properties.