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Pure Sine Wave Energie Series

Energie Sine Wave UPS Systems

are multi-functional & highly utilitarian in character meant for those who always prefer everything best in their life. Not only do they provide extra-long back-up for personal computers, they also ensure 100% safety to all your power sensitive equipment

Salient Features:



  • High End DSP/ Micro Controller based Smart Control Design operates on high frequency - it increases the performance and system works smoothly without any irritating noise.
  • Pure Sine Wave output even at 10.5V DC that improves the life of appliances connected on the UPS.
  • Complete Automatic and High Charging Selection Technology that selects the charging profile according to power cut and battery health conditions Fast Charging - charging current highest in industry.
  • Charging starts from 100V AC - Best suited for rural applications where input voltage remains low (below 160V AC)
  • GPM Technology - Enhance battery life due to GPM Technology
  • Smart Overload, Short Circuit & Low Battery Protection with Intelligent Multi Stage Control Programming - Improves the reliability of the product
  • Instantaneous Reverse Phase Protection - That increases the reliability of the Inverter.
  • Battery Deep Discharge Protection - Protects the battery from deep discharge that increases the life of battery.
  • Noiseless Operation on Mains as Well as Backup Mode - No irritating noise during charging as well as battery mode operation.
  • Power Saver Inside- Due to use of PFC Technology and better management of charging technology power saved by inverter drastically that reduces the electricity bill significantly.
  • It can run ½ HP pump on 900VA and higher models.
  • Its High Frequency Technology prevents computer rebooting saving you from the perils of data loss.