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Solar Module 250W, 24V

Solar Module 250W, 24V
2-3 Days
Solar Module 250W, 24V

1. High quality, 3.2mm thick, high transitivity, tempered & toughened glass is used. High durability high transmission glass with Anti Reflecting Coating (ARC) absorbs more sunlight on solar cells.
2. Frame is anodized, pre-fabricated and have smooth edges.
3. Premium quality encapsulated material ensuring high quality lamination and feild warranties
4. In-line Electro-Luminescence testing, in order to get best quality modules without micro cracks.
5. Over 30 in-house tests performed6. Each module manufactured according to TUV guidelines.
7. Independently tested for harsh environment conditions such as Salt Mist Test and PID (Potential Induced Degradation)
8. TP Solar Modules are best in terms of performance & efficiency.
9. Due to stringent quality control our modules will deliver high yields & better ROI.

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