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OEM Solutions

Inverter/UPS Quasi Square Wave 300VA, 12V to 2.2kVA, 24VPCBComplete
Inverter/UPS Pure Sine Wave 650VA, 12V to 2.2kVA, 24VPCBComplete
Inverter SQ wave 175/250/375VA, 12VPCBComplete
Solar CFL 55VA UPS Plain/ LED Light/ USB Port/ DC Fan socketPCBComplete
DC Home Light System with 2 LED bulbs and AC Mobile ChargerPCBComplete
High Capacity Inverters/ UPS Pure Sine Wave 2.5kVA, 24V to 20kVA, 360V in single & three phasePCBComplete
Solar Hybrid Inverters/ UPS from 300VA to 2.2kVA in PWM TechnologyPCBComplete
Solar PCUs from 300VA to 5kVA, 96V in PWM TechnologyPCBComplete
Solar PCUs from 300VA to 20kVA, 360V in MPPT TechnologyPCBComplete
Solar Charge Controllers 5A/10A/20A/30A in 12V & 24V in PWMPCBComplete
Solar Management Units 12V/24V Auto detect, 36V, 48V, 72V, 96V in 50A in PWMPCBComplete
Solar DC Load Management Unit with 10A/ 20A load in PWM and MPPTPCBComplete
Solar Street Light SCC MPPT 12.8V 6A with 12W LED Driver.PCBComplete
Solar Fan Controller 5A, 48V MPPT for Telecom IndustryPCBComplete
Stabilizers 250VA to 10KVA Automatic/Manual from 70V input; LED/LCD TV stabilizerPCBComplete
Battery Plates- IT/ Jumbo/ Flat type. More than 15 types of platesPlates

Inverter/UPS/Solar Batteries 100Ahr and above; Flat plates & Tubular platesPlatesComplete
Auto BatteriesPlatesComplete
E-rickshaw batteries in flat and tubular plates, up to 1yr warrantyPlatesComplete
E-rickshaw battery chargersPCBComplete
Gas Water Heater 6l ISI, 6.5l, 7l, 10lSparesComplete
LED Bulbs & Tube Lights , Down Lights, Panel Lights, COB Lights, Flood Lights, Street LightsDriversCompleteSpares
LED Light DriversDrivers

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